Working Subcontractors

Working Subcontractors

How to Register

Working Subcontractors are required to register with CoINVEST. To register, email CoINVEST at with the following information.

Details you must provide

The following details must be provided to CoINVEST when registering.

  1. Registered business name
  2. ABN
  3. Full name of the registered business owner
  4. Date of birth of the registered business owner
  5. Residential address
  6. Postal/business address
  7. Telephone number
  8. Mobile phone number
  9. Fax number
  10. Email address
  11. Nature of work
  12. Details of any workers, apprentices, or subcontractors currently or previously employed.

Before registering with CoINVEST as a Working Subcontractor, please consider the following:

  • Are you sure you are a working subcontractor as defined by CoINVEST? If you are unsure please see the Am I a Working Subcontractor section on our site.
  • If you are employing construction workers, you are an employer as well as a working subcontractor, and must register as an employer as well. Please see the Employers section of our site.