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Information for Working Subcontractors

Select from the sections below for more information about long service leave for employers.

How to Register

Find details on how to register, what details you will need to supply to CoINVEST in order to register and what benefits you will receive once registered here.

Am I a Working Subcontractor (WSC)?

The CoINVEST portable long service leave scheme works differently for Workers and Working Subcontractors. Determine if you are a Worker or Subcontractor.

WSC Responsibilities

Working Subcontractors contributions to the fund are optional. For more information on your options and obligations as an Employer view this section.

WSC Contributions

Working Subcontractors can make optional contributions to the fund to receive credits towards their Long Service Leave accruals.

WSC Entitlements

View this section for information on qualifying, leave calculation, entitlement longevity, approved breaks, and applying for leave.

How Do I Pay My Quarterly Voucher?

Once you have received your voucher, there are several different ways of paying. Our preferred method of payment is BPAY however click here for more payment options.

Online Services

Online Services provides you with a platform where you can manage your registration all at the click of a button.

Working Subcontractor FAQ’s

CoINVEST provides answers to the most frequently asked questions by Working Subcontractors. View frequently asked questions and answers here.