Missing Service

Employers are required to report service quarterly for their Workers who are engaged in trades that are covered under the Victorian Construction Industry Long Service Leave Scheme.

Missing service occurs when Employers do not comply with this requirement.

How do I know if I am Missing Service?

You can identify if you’re missing service by reviewing your employment history and Annual Statements of Service.

Your annual Statement of Service is issued each October. This contains a summary of all your service to date and a breakdown of all the service reported by your employer(s) for the last financial year.

You can review all your previous Statements of Service on by logging in to our Online Service mobile platform.

Missing Service with your current Employer

We recommend you speak with your Employer about any service that might be missing. This gives your Employer the opportunity to update your record without commencing an investigation that could potentially take months to complete.

If you do not feel comfortable talking to your Employer please complete the Missing Service Investigation request.

Missing Service with previous Employers

You will need to complete a Missing Service Investigation request for each Employer that has not reported your service.

If you are missing Apprentice and Worker service with the same Employer you will need to complete separate requests as each investigation is handled differently.

To submit your Missing Service Investigation request, log in to the CoINVEST Member portal and complete the Missing Service form.

What Information do I need to complete the Missing Service request?

You will need to provide the following to complete your Missing Service Investigation request:

  • CoINVEST Registration Number
  • Personal Details
  • Employer Details

What Proof Do I need to Provide?

You will need to provide different forms of proof depending on the type of Missing Service that is being investigated.

Service Type Definition Proof Required
Apprentice Service that has not been recorded while you were under an approved apprenticeship contract with your Employer Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority (VRQA) Extract*.
Worker Service that has not been recorded while you were Employed and performing covered trade work Payslip** or PAYG Summary.
Trainee Service that has not been recorded while you were under an approved traineeship contract with your Employer Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority (VRQA) Extract* AND Payslip** or PAYG Summary
Master/Servant Service that has not been recorded while being subcontracted to an Employer who is responsible for superannuation, redundancy payments, sick pay, overtime allowances, WorkCover Employer Contract OR Bank Statement AND Invoices to the Employer for completed work

* VRQA extracts can be obtained by calling the VRQA on 1300 722 603 Monday to Friday between 10am and 4.30pm. **Payslips must include your full name, Employer’s trading name and Employer’s ABN/ACN.

Proof must be within the missing service period. If the proof you provide does not meet the above requirements we will be unable to investigate your missing service and you will need to submit another request.