Inactive Service

CoINVEST will issue a worker with an Inactive Service Notice where we haven't had any service recorded for them in Victoria for the last four years.
Watch the video above to see what happens to your service and entitlement, how you can keep your record active, and how to lodge a service query.

The aim of portable long service leave is for you to accrue enough continuous service to become eligible to claim a long service leave entitlement - the minimum amount being seven years of continuous service.

There can be various reasons why service may not have been accruing on your CoINVEST record, causing an Inactive Service Reminder to be issued - but generally most circumstances fall into the following three categories:

  • You have Left The Industry
  • You are Missing Service
  • You've had a Break In Service

Expand the menus below to explore whether any of these scenarios apply to your situation, and find out how to lodge a query relating to your service record with CoINVEST.

Left The Industry Missing Service Break In Service