Workers' Days & Wages Form

Workers’ Days & Wages Forms must be submitted to CoINVEST by employers every three months on behalf of their employed workers or apprentices who have performed covered work in Victoria. CoINVEST credits workers with their service days towards Long Service Leave, and invoices the employer for their relative contribution to the Long Service Leave Fund. Watch the videos for more details.

Follow the instructions in the video above to learn how to submit your Workers' Days & Wages Form (WDW) online. You will be sent an email reminder to complete your WDW online every quarter. Submit your WDW, save your lodgement receipt, then pay your invoice. And then that’s it for another quarter! See the menus below for more detail on how to submit your WDW.

Make sure to also check out the WDW Do's & Don'ts and your employer obligations in cases of non-compliance.

How To Submit Online WDWs When To Submit Online WDWs What To Include In The Days and Wages WorkCover / Unpaid Sick Leave Worker Tradesmen Working Directors Casual Workers Apprentices Two Thirds Rule Adding New Workers Terminated Workers Promoted Workers Subcontractors Changes or Modifications to Worker Details Minimum Contribution Rates - Building Trades Minimum Contribution Rates - Electrical Trades Minimum Contribution Rates - Metal Trades