Wage Verification

Employers may be required to verify the rate of pay for a worker’s Long Service Leave claim via the Wage Verification feature in our Online Services Employer Portal.

Many workers who claim Long Service Leave online will be offered a ‘calculated rate of pay’ for their claim.  This rate of pay is automatically populated using data from their employer’s Workers Days and Wages (WDW) submissions throughout the year.

If a worker chooses not to accept the calculated rate for their claim (or was not eligible to be offered it), their employer will be prompted to verify the worker’s wage using the Wage Verification feature in our Online Services Employer Portal.

Employers will be notified by email when a Wage Verification request is pending for one of their workers’ claims.

In the Wage Verification tab, select the worker from the list whose wage you need to verify. You will be asked to provide their ordinary weekly hours (minus RDO deduction), ordinary hourly rate, and any applicable allowances.

Once you’re happy with the information you have input, hit the submit button and your wage verification will be sent to CoINVEST automatically.

The employer Wage Verification process vastly speeds up the claims application process for your workers. Employers now have the ability to quickly progress their workers’ claims simply by submitting their Wage Verification as soon as it appears in their online services suite.