Missing Service

As Employers, you are required to report service quarterly for your Workers who are engaged in trades that are covered under the Victorian Construction Industry Long Service Leave Scheme.

Missing service is identified when a Worker notifies CoINVEST that they have been engaged in covered work with an employer, however it has not been reflected in their service record with CoINVEST.

A Worker can submit a request to CoINVEST to investigate any instances of potential Missing Service with a current or previous employer.

Alternatively, a Worker may go to their employer directly to discuss any potential Missing Service before contacting CoINVEST to investigate.

What does missing service mean for an employer?

During the course of a Missing Service investigation our team will contact you to confirm your Worker’s coverage by CoINVEST.

You will need to provide details of your Worker’s service once coverage has been verified.

You can do this by completing the Worker Service Confirmation Form.

What information do I need to complete the form?

  • Worker’s details (full name, date of birth, registration number)
  • Your business information
  • Worker’s service information

There are different requirements for reporting service depending on the worker type:

Worker Type Days Required Wages Required
Apprentice Yes No
Worker Yes Yes
Working Director Yes Yes
Trainee Yes Yes

What happens next?

The Worker’s service record will be updated with the information provided via the service form.

You will receive confirmation from us once the updates are completed and an invoice for any associated contributions.

Go to our Employer Contribution page for more information on contributions at CoINVEST.

What happens if I don’t provide my worker’s information?

Our Missing Service investigation team will attempt to contact you to confirm your Worker’s service.

If we are unable to discuss and confirm your Worker’s service we will refer the matter to our Compliance team. This means that one or more of the following may happen:

  • A legal notice may be issued requesting you to provide the details of your Workers and their days and wages.
  • Further legal action if you fail to comply with any legal notices issued.

Go to our Employer Obligations page for more information on your responsibilities under the CoINVEST Scheme.