How Do I Pay My Invoice?

Once you have received your invoice, there are different options of how you can pay.

You can pay your invoice via Credit Card (Visa or MasterCard only) or by BPay.

Log in to the Online Services Employer Portal and select My WDWs from the menu:

  • Select the WDW period which you would like to pay for
  • Enter your credit card details to pay the invoice, or
  • Retrieve the invoice’s BPay reference code to use for online banking.

Please note that the BPay reference code is unique to each invoice.  Ensure you use the correct reference code for the invoice you are trying to pay.  Using an old or incorrect reference could result in your payment not being processed.


Some employers prefer their outgoings to be monthly rather than quarterly.  CoINVEST provides employers with the facility to pay off a portion of their quarterly invoice in advance with optional prepayments.

The prepayment amount can be entirely of your choosing. There is no set amount, though most employers who do prepayments opt to estimate what around one third of their overall invoice will be for each prepayment e.g.

Jan Prepayment Feb Prepayment Invoice Total (Jan-Mar) Balance Owing (Less Prepayments)
$1,400.00 $1,500.00 $4,575.25 $1,675.25

Once you receive your quarterly invoice, you can just pay off the balance owing (full contribution amount minus any prepayments).

To begin making prepayments, simply select the Receive Prepayments tick-box on the employer details page once you have logged in to CoINVEST’s online service. You will receive an email when each monthly prepayment voucher is available to pay online.  Prepayment vouchers can be paid via credit card or BPay.

Please note prepayments are available for the first two months of each quarter, however we do not issue a prepayment voucher for the month of November – this is because we issue our Oct-Dec WDWs earlier than usual due to the industry shutdown over the Christmas holidays.

Quarterly invoices are issued to employers relative to their WDW submissions with a payment period of 14 days from the date of invoicing. If payment is not made within the specified time-frame, or if a payment plan has not been set up with CoINVEST’s Debt Management consultants, then the debt will be sent to be collected externally via Probe Collections who will act on our behalf.

If you require a payment plan to pay off your invoice, please contact our Debt Management team on 03 9664 7656 or 03 9664 7605.

All payment plans are subject to additional Statutory Interest charges in accordance with Section 5 of the Construction Industry Long Service Leave Act 1997.

If you have received an Adjustment Invoice for backdated service contributions, you can pay this using the BPAY details on the invoice, or by completing the credit card slip at the bottom of the invoice.

Adjustment Invoice charges cannot be paid through our online service.

If you wish to pay any adjustment charges over the phone via credit card, you will need to talk with our Debt Management team directly.

Backdated adjustment charges may contain statutory interest charges due to non-compliance with your employer obligations. These charges are payable to CoINVEST in accordance with CoINVEST Rules (Oct 2019) as Trustee of the Long Service Leave Act.