Employer FAQs

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The maximum working days for each quarter, submission due dates, and all information relating to this can be found on the Workers’ Days & Wages Form page.

If you have already set up online access but have forgotten your details, click the “Forgotten password” link at the top right of this page and follow the prompts to reset your password.

If you need to set up access for the first time, please follow the instructions on our Online Services page.

The contribution is currently at 2.7% of the total gross wage reported on Workers’ Days & Wages forms. This amount is not deducted from workers’ wages. For more info, visit our Employer Contribution webpage.

To register with CoINVEST, please see our section on How to Register

Where a worker performs more than five days of covered work in any month, the employer is legally required to record that service with CoINVEST – this is inclusive of part time or casual workers too, as stated in the CoINVEST Rules (Oct 2019).

Employers can choose to make optional prepayments towards their quarterly invoice.  The monthly prepayment amount is up to you and goes towards paying off part of your quarterly invoice in advance to keep outgoings monthly.

Log in to online services and select the ‘Receive Prepayments’ option on the details tab of your profile.  CoINVEST will then email you when each prepayment voucher period is available for payment online via credit card of BPay.

For more detailed information on prepayments, please visit out How Do I Pay My Invoice page.

CoINVEST does not issue a “certificate of currency”. However, employers are issued with a lodgement receipt each quarter when they submit their Workers’ Days and Wages information online.

Your lodgement receipt is proof you have submitted information required to CoINVEST. It is recommended you keep your invoice payment receipts for further proof of you having fulfilled your obligations to CoINVEST.

Employers can pay their quarterly invoice via credit card or BPay.  Please note that the BPay reference on each invoice is unique to that invoice.  Ensure you use the correct BPay reference for the invoice you are trying to pay.  Using an old or existing BPay reference for a previous invoice may result in problems in allocating your payment to the correct invoice.

Please note, we do not accept AMEX or Diners Club credit cards.

For more details visit our How Do I Pay My Invoice page.

There is no set timeframe for when you will receive your invoice. Invoices are sent out to employers once the Workers Days and Wages forms are processed. In the majority of cases, an invoice will be emailed immediately, as long as there is nothing to be checked through on your WDW at our end. To check on the status of your Workers’ Days and Wages lodgement, login at the top right of this page, navigate to the “My WDW’s” section and check the following status indicators:

  • Issued – Your Workers’ Days and Wages form has been issued to you, but it has not yet been received by CoINVEST.
  • Ready for correction – Your Workers’ Days and Wages information has been received by CoINVEST and is ready to be processed by us.
  • Awaiting correction – Your Workers’ Days and Wages information has not yet been processed and is the queue to be processed by us.
  • Awaiting invoice – Your Workers’ Days and Wages information has been processed and your invoice will be mailed out within 5 business days. If you are an employer employing apprentices only, this is the final state of your Workers’ Days and Wages lodgement. No invoice will be generated if you are employing only apprentices as you are not required to pay contributions for apprentices.
  • Invoiced – Your invoice has been emailed to you.

For a full list of the trades and types of work we cover, please see Trades Covered by the Scheme.

Employers may view this information for each of their individual workers via our online service. Please Login to CoINVEST at the top right of this page, and navigate to the ‘Worker List’ tab. Select the required worker from the list, then press the ‘Entitlement’ button. This is only available to view for current workers.