Change of Entity

A Change of Entity occurs when changes to your business structure results in a change to your ABN or ACN.

If you have already registered with CoINVEST but change your business structure, you don’t need to re-register with us. However, you will need to inform us of any changes made to your business.

Simply complete the Change of Entity Form below and we will transfer your details to a new registration. You can transfer all of your workers across too by ticking the corresponding box in the Change of Entity form.

Why do you need to let us know when your business structure changes?

By letting us know when your details change we can make sure your records are up to date while also helping to ensure that you are compliant with CoINVEST and ATO requirements.

What Information Do You Need?

To complete the Change of Entity form ensure you have the following:

  • Current Business Details
  • CoINVEST Registration Number
  • Current ABN /ACN
  • Current Trading Name
  • New Business Details
  • New ABN/Trading Name
  • Contact Information
  • Business Address

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us on 1300 CoINVEST (1300 264 683) or via email at info@coinvest.com.au.