Information for Employers

Select from the sections below for more information about long service leave for employers.

How to Register

An Employer is any business that works within the Victorian construction industry. Employers are required by law to contribute to the CoINVEST Long Service Leave Scheme. The following information details how to register and meet these obligations.

Trades Covered by the Scheme

The CoINVEST scheme covers building, construction, electrical and metal workers. Check if your trade is fully covered or partially covered here.

Employer Obligations

Employers are required by law to register with CoINVEST and provide WDW form’s by set due dates. Find out more about your obligations.

Employer Contribution

If you employ workers you are required to contribute to the scheme. View information about contribution processes, penalties and monthly contribution here.

Workers’ Days & Wages Form

Workers Days and Wages (WDW) returns are issued online to employers each quarter to gather information on workers' service, wages and other details. Find out more.

Working Directors

As a Working Director, you are both the Employer and the Employee. Find out more about Working Directors and their obligations here.

Subcontractor or Worker?

The CoINVEST scheme works differently for Working Subcontractors. Determine if you are a Worker or Subcontractor here.

How Do I Pay My Invoice?

Once you have received your invoice, there are several different ways of paying. Our preferred method of payment is BPAY however click here for more payment options.

Online Services

Online Services provides you with a platform where you can manage your registration all at the click of a button.

Wage Verification

Workers making a long service leave claim online can be offered several mechanisms through which their claim payment can be calculated using their employer’s input.

Missing Service

Missing service is identified when a Worker notifies CoINVEST that they have been engaged in covered work with an employer, however it has not been reflected in their service recorded with CoINVEST.

Change of Entity

A Change of Entity occurs when changes to your business structure results in a change to your ABN or ACN.

Adding Contacts

From Sole Traders to large corporations it is important for CoINVEST to know who has permission to transact and make enquiries about your business and Workers.

Employer FAQs

CoINVEST provides answers to the most frequently asked questions by Employers. View frequently asked questions and answers here.