At CoINVEST we are committed to ensuring the privacy of your personal and sensitive information is maintained to the highest standards.

Your privacy at CoINVEST

We ensure we comply with the Privacy Act 1988 and the Australian Privacy Principles by building processes and systems that keep your information safe and secure.

CoINVEST's full Privacy Policy is also available to view and download.

Compliance checking

CoINVEST may authorise third parties to have access to check WDW information submitted to CoINVEST by any employer in the last 12 months via a compliance report to ensure all workers' service is being reported correctly. These compliance reports disclose employers’ and workers’ information including:

  • workers’ CoINVEST registration numbers and names;
  • employers’ CoINVEST registration numbers and names;
  • employers’ compliance status and invoice status for the last four quarterly returns;
  • the number of workers who accrued service during those quarterly returns; and
  • the number of days reported by employers for certain workers on those returns.

No contact information or financial details will be disclosed in any compliance reports, and all third parties must first complete CoINVEST’s thorough privacy training before being authorised for use. If a worker wishes to have their name and registration number suppressed from any compliance report, simply log in to online services and select "opt out of third party compliance reporting".

When contacting CoINVEST

When contacting CoINVEST we will ask to confirm your details with you prior to discussing your account. If we can’t confirm your details we won’t be able to discuss your enquiry.

There are different requirements for workers and employers when it comes to confirming details. Expand the menus below to see what information you will need to provide.

Worker Details Employer Details