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Interstate Schemes

As part of the Interstate reciprocal Agreement, long service leave is portable between all States and Territories in Australia. This means that all interstate work, covered under the scheme, can be counted towards long service leave. The service must be recorded with the relevant long service leave scheme. Contact details are listed below. The records of service are kept by the State or Territory in which the service was completed.


Construction Industry Long Service Leave Board

Toll free: 1800 655 090



Northern Territory

NT Build

Toll free: 1300 795 855



Western Australia

MyLeave – Construction Industry Long Service Leave Scheme

Toll free: 1800 198 136



New South Wales

Long Service Corporation

Toll free: 13 14 41





Toll free: 1800 803 491




TasBuild Ltd

Tel: (03) 6294 0807



South Australia

Portable Long Service Leave

Tel: (08) 8332 6111

Toll free: 1800 182 124