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CoINVEST has taken responsible steps to help protect our staff and our members against the spread of Covid-19 and adapt to our members’ needs.

The health and well-being of our staff and fellow construction industry members is our highest priority. The following settings remain in place to keep CoINVEST staff and members safe during the pandemic:

  • Our office is still currently closed to the public while we make a few changes to our welcoming areas, and we hope to have this open for you very soon.
  • Our phone lines are open 9am-4pm Monday to Friday and we have increased staff capacity to improve our service to members.
  • All transactions and applications are online-only and are easily accessible using CoINVEST’s Online Services.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have implemented various changes and improvements across the business which have helped us to continue to provide our services to the members of the construction industry in Victoria. For ease of reference, we have referenced these changes in the below groupings with the following headings:

  1. Contact and Queries
  2. Transactions and Applications
  3. Claims for Long Service Leave

We have also compiled an extra menu under the heading of ‘Additional Resources’, featuring various resources and services other than your portable long service leave which you may be able to access to help you while the pandemic continues.

With all transactions, applications and claims now being online-only, make sure you have set up your access to our online services. If you have yet to set up your online access you can do so at our Online Services webpage.

Please remember that our website remains the only trusted source for information and troubleshooting queries about portable Long Service Leave for construction workers in Victoria. The measures currently in place may change as the situation develops, so always check here for up-to-the-minute information.

There have been several changes to the way our members interact and correspond with CoINVEST since the start of the pandemic:

  • Our office is till closed to the public but will be reopening very soon.
  • We have moved from paper-based communications to digital for the majority of members to improve delivery efficiency of our key updates.
  • We have increased capacity in our member support teams to ensure member phone calls and queries are answered promptly.

All transactions and applications are online only.  This applies to:

  • Quarterly Workers Days and Wages (WDWs)
  • Registering new workers
  • Changes to worker details (change of address etc.)
  • Payment of invoices (via online services or BPay)
  • Payment of Subcontractor Contributions (via online service or BPay)
  • Applications for Missing Service or Break In Service queries
  • Claims for Long Service Leave (see next menu)

We have also made CoINVEST digital member cards available for all members.  Simply log in to the CoINVEST member portal on your smartphone and access your digital member card from the menu.


All applications for long service leave must be submitted online.

Most applications will present a ‘calculated rate of pay’ for your claim during your application, but in some cases you may need to provide copies of your payslips.

To learn more about online claims applications visit our Claiming Long Service Leave page.

Log in at the top right of this web page to get started or visit our Online Services page to set up your access.

CoINVEST recommends the following external services and resources for members to help them through the difficult circumstances of the pandemic:

SANE Australia – 1800 187 263 Mental health support

Beyond Blue – 1300 22 4636 Mental health support

Incolink – 03 9639 3000 Industry redundancy, portable sick leave and income protection

Protect – 1300 244 249 Industry severance scheme (metal, electrical)