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Apprentices are covered from the day they start in the construction industry, provided the work performed is covered by the Scheme. See Trades Covered by the Scheme

Employers do not need to pay contributions for apprentices where an apprentice is doing a traditional apprenticeship set out under the Victorian Learning and Employment Skills Commission’s Set 1 Conditions. Those conditions apply to apprentices who are engaged in a training agreement (known as apprenticeship) in the general building trades (such as carpentry, bricklaying, plastering), electrical trades (such as electrician, refrigeration & air-conditioning) and metals trades (such as engineering –mechanical, engineering – electrical).

Employers do however need to make contributions for those apprentices who take part in an agreed traineeship, generally classed as non-traditional apprenticeships. The employer is required to record the apprentice’s gross wage (including allowances, excluding fares, travel, overtime and related allowances and leave loading) on their quarterly Workers Days and Wages forms.

What are non-traditional trades for CoINVEST purposes?

Non-traditional trades are those occupations where apprentices are engaged under the Victorian Learning and Employment Skills Commission’s Set 2 Conditions agreement. Those conditions apply to apprentices who are engaged under a Traineeship in civil engineering, pipe playing, bridge and road constructions, concreting and also vegetation control work around power lines. It also applies to some telecommunications and data cabling, refrigeration and air-conditioning industries.

If you need more information on you fit within the Set 1 or Set 2 conditions, send us an email to quoting your full name, address, course name and number.

School based Apprentices (Year 11 and 12)

Years 11 and 12 students who become School based apprentices as part of their studies are covered by CoINVEST. The apprentice will need to be registered with CoINVEST and their employer must report to CoINVEST the days they work for the employer and attend trade school. Normal school days are not to be included.

If the school based apprentice is undertaking a Set 1 apprenticeship, no contributions are payable by the employer. However, should the apprentice be undertaking a traineeship under Set 2 (as per the above guidelines) then contributions are payable.

What do you need to do as an Apprentice?

You must be registered with CoINVEST. The sooner you register, the sooner you will start receiving credits towards long service leave. Please see the How to Register section.

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