How does CoINVEST work?

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PAYG Summaries

Please be advised that PAYG summaries for those who made a claim in the 2017/18 financial year will be mailed out from 14 July.

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Apprentices are covered by the scheme including time spent on site and at TAFE. Find useful information about apprentice obligations here.

Working Directors

As a working director, you are considered to be both the employer and the employee. Find out more about working directors and their obligations.

Am I a Working Subcontractor?

The CoINVEST portable long service leave scheme works differently for Workers and Working Subcontractors. Determine if you are a Worker or Subcontractor.

Trades Covered by the Scheme

The scheme covers building, construction, electrical and metal workers. Check if your trade is fully covered or partially covered.

How to Register

In this section you will find details on how to register, what information you need to supply to CoINVEST and benefits of registering.

How is my service recorded?

Your employer is required to supply CoINVEST with information about your services. Find out more about service recordings and other benefits.

Worker Entitlements

View this section for information on qualifying, entitlement longevity, approved breaks, and applying for leave.

Claiming Long Service Leave

Information regarding how Long Service Leave claims are calculated and paid out can be found here.

Inactive Service

Service records will be made 'inactive' if no service has been recorded for a worker for four or more years.

Missing Service Query

Workers who perform covered work in Victoria have their service recorded with CoINVEST by their employer each quarter. You can check on your recorded service by signing up for online services and checking your annual Statement of Service.

Break in Service Query

Complete the form below and attach the relevant documents as evidence to support your application for an approved break in service.

Online Services

There are many online services available that can help you manage your obligations to CoINVEST. Click here to learn more.

Worker FAQ's

CoINVEST provides answers to the most frequently asked questions by workers. View frequently asked questions and answers here.

Authorised Contacts

It is important for CoINVEST to know who has permission to transact and make enquiries on your behalf when it comes to your long service leave and entitlement. As a Wor...