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EOFY Claims

For any worker claim to be paid in the current financial year prior to 30-JUN-2017, your claim must be received by CoINVEST no later than 16-JUN-2017.

Claims received after this timeframe will be paid in July 2017. The quickest and easiest way to submit your claim is by signing up for online access.

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Here you will find information about long service leave for employers within the Victorian construction industry.

To learn more about the CoINVEST scheme follow the link below.

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2017 Director Elections

The 2017 Director Election process has been completed. Three incumbent directors were re-nominated unopposed. These directors are Michael Purnell, representing Electrical Trades Employers, Craig Kelly, representing Metal Trades Workers and Grant Donald, representing Building Trades Employers. Mr Robert Graauwmans was nominated unopposed to represent Building Trades Workers. Subject to completion of the process, these four directors will commence a new four year term from 1 July 2017.