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Choose Your Own Adventure!

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Christmas claims date Christmas claims date

Christmas claims date

1 November 2016 is the latest date to submit your application if you require your claim to be paid before 23 December 2016.

Claims received after this deadline may not be paid in 2016.

CoINVEST Celebrates 40 Years CoINVEST Celebrates 40 Years

40th Anniversary

2016 marks CoINVEST’s 40th year of managing the Construction Industry’s Portable Long Service Leave Fund.

We’re incredibly proud of our achievements, and we even created a lighthearted video in celebration - CLICK HERE to view the video!

Here you will find information about long service leave for employers within the Victorian construction industry.

To learn more about the CoINVEST scheme follow the link below.

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Your invoices by email

CoINVEST has begun emailing invoices to employers instead of mailing them. As an employer, you will receive an email containing a PDF version of the invoice for any future Workers’ Days and Wages returns. The email will be sent to the email address held on our system, or you may provide a different email address for invoice delivery, at the time of completing your online Workers’ Days and Wages return. In addition, an SMS text message will be sent to the mobile phone number we hold on our system, advising you that your invoice has been emailed.